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Batch Submission Procedures

Beginning August, 2011, brokers will have three options to electronically submit policy information to the Surplus Line Association of California. The Surplus Lines Information Portal (SLIP) is a secure web-based system that allows authorized brokers to electronically submit policy information in the following ways:

  1. Manual Data Entry - An authorized user can log into SLIP to manually enter policy information one record at a time.
  2. Bulk Upload (XML) - An authorized user can log into SLIP to upload data for one or more policies.
  3. AMS Upload - An authorized user can generate and submit a batch file from their internal Agency Management System (AMS) using Web Services provided by SLIP.
  4. Batch Image Upload - An authorized user may submit a batch by uploading a document image file or files. Users will only get a confirmation that the file(s) were successfully uploaded, but no other batch information will be available in SLIP for that batch. This function is nearly identical to the old Broker Extranet method.

If you would like to electronically submit policy information using the Bulk Upload or AMS Upload methods, please review the Batch Reporting Procedures Manual. The purpose of this document is to provide technical information on the SLA California electronic submission process. This document is intended for the technical resources who will work with the brokers to extract policy data from their data management system for the purpose of creating the submission to SLA California. Technical resources typically include system architects, designers, and developers with computer programming experience. It is assumed the reader of this document has an understanding of XML (Extensible Markup Language) and HTTP. 

We highly recommend testing new batch files on the SLIP TEST environment to ensure your batch submissions are valid prior to submitting them on the PRODUCTION environment. To make use of the TEST environment, please contact SLA California to acquire the TEST URL and user credentials.

Note: SLIP will not accept Microsoft Excel files saved as XML Data or XML Spreadsheet file types. Please follow the XML format described in the Batch Reporting Procedures Manual to create a valid XML file.

XML Export Format & Schema for Brokerages