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A tag is a memo, either automatically generated by the system or manually generated by the processing analyst, advising the broker of any errors or incorrect/missing information in the filed documents.
The tag may be cleared by providing any missing information and/or providing corrected documents resolving discrepancies. If the response is incomplete or unacceptable, the tag may be forwarded to the California Department of Insurance for review.
There may be a delay in the processing of paper tag responses for many reasons.  The tag response may have been submitted without a copy of the tag, the tag response may not have been signed and/or dated, or the tag response may have been submitted as part of a batch.   

To avoid delays in processing paper tag responses, please attach the tag response to a copy of the paper tag, and ensure that the paper tag is signed and dated.  In addition, please do not submit tag responses as part of a batch filing.

Tags responded to through SLIP automatically clear from the broker’s list at the time the response is submitted.