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New Broker Filer Information

The resources listed below contain all of the information filing personnel may need to successfully file their policies and endorsements with the California SLA.  Here, you can learn the procedures for filing with us, access filing forms required by the State, and get started using our online filing portal, called SLIP.  If you can't find the information you are looking for, you are always welcome to call the SLA at (415) 434-4900 and say you need help with your filings.

Basic Filing Tutorials

The basic filing tutorials were created to provide new filers with an overview of California regulations on surplus line filings and the requirements of the Surplus Line Association of California. If you have any questions regarding any of the tutorials, please contact the Legal and Compliance Department.

An overview of these seven tutorials follows:

California Insurance Code Section 1763 surplus line broker requirements:

  • Confidential Report of Placement (SL-1 form)
  • Diligent Search
  • Diligent Search Report (SL-2 form)
  • Lower Rate Filing

  • Surplus line broker’s diligent search responsibilities
  • Exceptions to the diligent search requirement
  • Breakdown of the Diligent Search Report into nine components
  • How each component is reviewed by the Surplus Line Association of California

  • A step-by-step guide on how to complete the online SL-2 sections and addendum in SLIP.

  • Surplus line broker’s responsibilities on the Confidential Report of Placement
  • Breakdown of the Confidential Report of Placement into six components
  • How each component is reviewed by the Surplus Line Association of California

  • California requirements on Lloyd’s placements
  • Identifying individual syndicate numbers and percentage of participation
  • Examples of syndicate lists and required breakdown

  • Bulk submission content
  • Coversheet required fields
  • Order of documents in bulk submission
  • Required policy content
  • Required documents by type of transaction
  • Exceptions to diligent search

  • Categories of tags
  • Tag response time